Unitarian Jihad

This is old news.

In the realm of humor and religion...

Several weeks ago, a funny editorial by John Carroll of the SF Examiner, called Unitarian Jihad was printed. For those of you that haven't read it, it is hilarious. For those of you that want your own Unitarian Jihad name, there's at least two name generators out there. (mine, in case you are interested, is Sister Rail Gun of Love and Mercy. Seems appropirate, somehow.

Today, because of RLP (Real Live Preacher), I learned about the Wittenberg Door, which is a Christian satire magazine, now online. (They have a great article about televangelists.). I'm also a member of the "HDS Denominational Slur Handbook" which is a great mailing list where people send in jokes that skewer all denominations equally.

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