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I've been remiss in giving out this (the People Who Are Out of Their Minds) award - I think it's been a couple of weeks. Partially, there are just so many candidates, I can't keep track. But this week, thanks, as usual, to Jesus Politics, I have a wonderful award winner - Guy Adams.

Read his full screed, if you wish, although I think it's a waste of your good time. I'll give you some salient pieces. He takes on the role of "chastising the church" because he thinks the "choir is asleep."

... hate speech laws will eventually outlaw the church, bit by bit — long before the state might otherwise deem that it need be so. It'll come — maybe next year, maybe this year, or maybe in ten years, but it will arrive.

I imagine this must be after the religious right packs the supreme court and federal courts with right wing appointments...

Mark my words: though we are called to love and forgive them, in their minds we are their mortal enemy. What they cannot obtain by vote, they seek to procure by federal judicial activism. Time is so short. To me, it's as clear as anything I've ever seen. (emphasis in original)

The only reason for us to be enemies is this attitude of all or nothing. They either get to have a theocracy, which obligates everyone to follow their own idea of morality, behavior and daily life, or they are an oppressed and persecuted people, who we are trying hard to eliminate. I have a hard time getting my mind wrapped around this attitude.

I may be wrong, but I can't help but think that somehow, to some degree, God is more or less still behind America.

Sounds a lot like Guy worships a god that condones the killing of innocent people for no good reason, torture, the death penalty, incredibly economic inequities and lying politicians. I often think that they do, in fact, worship a different god than I do.

One reader said that occasionally I sound angry — Yes, over these issues I am, but some of YOU are not angry enough! God is angry over these perverted deportations from His plan for America once enjoined, but now departing.

Hmmmm. What chapter and verse is "God's plan for America?" I must have missed that one. For a group of people who think that God's revelation stopped with the book of Revelations, they take all sorts of liberties, don't they?

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