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I've accumulated some neat links and webstuff that I've come across lately that are worth highlighting - things folks might be interested in. You can always check out my links - there's new stuff all of the time.

  • New Monasticism - I discovered that there  is, apparently, an interesting new movement "an attempt to discern the Holy Spirit's movement in the abandoned places of the Empire called America". They even have a book. Something to watch.
  • An interesting conversation on a new blog I've found, about "identity blogging" (as black, or gay, etc.) vs. personal blogging. I'll have more on that later.
  • Writing about recovery - I came across the website of a writer who is sharing her journey of recovery from childhood abuse. She has a great little manual for caring for one's inner child.
  • A compendium of sacred texts from many, many traditions.
  • - an addictive tool to find cool stuff - combines and digg. They both are very different, but since they both change fast, there are some cool things that just appear, like a japanese video about how to peel a potato in one step!
  • If you ever wanted to know what liturgical season this is, here's the place to find out.

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Check my blog for a link to the Internet Wayback Machine. It's very cool. Soon I'll be adding links to portable USB apps -- I've just discovered these and am trying a few out on my flash drive.

Thanks, MJ. I've been using the wayback machine for a while now - it was fun to see my old websites, and various other versions of sites I'd gotten used to. in general has some amazingly cool stuff. And I'm looking forward to the info on portable USB apps.

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