Scholar's Instincts

One of the very neat things I've learned in the last few weeks of writing a biblical exegesis (basically, interpretation) paper, is that somehow, even though this is a completely different field, my scholars tools still work, and I still have what I'll call 'scholar's instincts': whatever that is inside my head that leads me inexorably forward in researching a topic.

In some ways, I can get lost at sea. I'm doing my paper on Luke 10:25-37. I was beginning to read an article on that piece of scripture (called a pericope) when the article I was reading got all Greek on me. Literally. I put it down. And also, it feels like there isn't a lot to stand on sometimes. In science research, there always seems to be some place where you can make assumptions about a foundation, and move foreward from there (even though, of course, that is sometimes a bit false security). But with biblical research, sometimes it all feels like it's sitting on a surface of soup, ready to sink into the muck.

But, be that as it may, one of the bad things about my scholar's instincts, and the way I've been trained, is that I'm basically having to constantly remind myself when I'm doing the research that I'm writing a 10 page paper, not a dissertation. I guess there are worse things. 

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