Blog Con Sunday Service

Chris Tessone (Even the Devils Believe,) Mata H (Time's Fool,) Bruce Prescott (Mainstream Baptist) and I put together and led a Sunday Christian worship service for the blog con. The order of service is available in PDF format, and I've just posted the sermon on my Ministry Blog.

It was a really wonderful experience. Chris was stuck in Paris (poor guy) and so Bruce bravely and wonderfully took over being the celebrant for Eucharist. It was an amazing combination of traditions, from Chris' Independent Catholic, Mata H's Lutheran, my UCC/MCC combo, and Bruce's Baptist. It was almost the complete range from high to low church. We did the service in a circle, and the intention was to have it as open to all faith traditions as possible. And, from some comments we've gotten, it worked well.

It was wonderful designing and leading a worship service in a truly interfaith context. I hope to be able to do it again sometime.

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