Creating worlds, creating a life

I've always considered myself creative, even though I don't consider myself an artist, per se. I spent a lot of my childhood creating worlds in my head, at the same time as I read countless creations of worlds done by many science fiction writers. This summer, I became a world creator. I have created a new sci-fi universe, and finished a novel based in it. It was one of the most amazingly fun things I've done in a long time. I got to explore in depth a variety of issues that I think are important in the world, and have fun creating characters, plot, and new worlds. I have no idea what will come of it. But it was a lot of fun doing it. i don't know if it's worth publishing, but I have some friends who are giving me some advice about it. One of the areas of creativity that I have is in making the active, outward manifestations of my life, including my work, more and more consonant with my highest self, what could, I guess, be described as an inner manifestation of God. I started a new stage in that process a couple of years ago, when I first decided to go to seminary. That process continues. I'll have a lot more to say in the next few weeks about some new twists and turns in that process. There are some changes afoot.
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