New-to-you laptop: best for churches or non-profits, part 4

So, Scott has some good answers to the question I posted last. He then goes on to ask what kinds of laptops could possibly be used. This is my answer: it depends. Does the minister just want a way to write sermons on the beach? Then, a simple laptop, with a single USB port for a thumb drive that can then be plugged into an office PC for printing would be all that you'd need. An old one would work fine.

Also, one of the great things about Linux is that the older the equipment, the more likely it is to work. Not the reverse. The longer a piece of hardware has been in circulation, the more chance it is that some poor sod of a programmer decided to write a driver for it. And, even better - it's possible to make Linux really, really light. Way lighter than any way you could make Windows.

So, I'd say, just try it. I bet it works. Fine.

Me, I'm getting on the Ubuntu laptop testing team. I have a vintage 2003 Apple powerbook I just installed Kubuntu on.

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