A Christmas prayer

As I go off to spend what is, in some regards, a very non-traditional Christmas of a walk on the beach, Asian food, and a visit to Osento, I wanted to wish everyone the following prayer:

May God be with you on this day,
May you know Her presence, and may that
bring you gladness and warmth.
May your inner Christ shine through
showing compassion and unconditional love
to all of those you meet today.

May the coming days, and the New Year,
bring you closer to being able
to live the good that you know,
and may the world finally
know the peace that we yearn for in our hearts.

Blessings to you all. May your time today, whether it be with yourself, or with others that you know and love, be fulfilling and enjoyable.

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A friend took me to Osento, the one time I visited the Bay Area. I hope you had a restful and blissful time there.

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