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I while ago, when I was still part of the UU Blogosphere, I kept up with lot of UU blogs, like Philocrites, Chalice Chick, PeaceBang, and quite a number of others. After I left UUism, I didn't read very many UU blogs. I think Boy in the Bands (Scott Wells) was one of the only UU blogs that I regularly read, partially because of the Universalist stuff he'd write, and partially because we are fellow Linux geeks. The other was Ministrare (Rev. Sean), because we'd first met in RLP's chat room, and we'd just missed getting to hang out in real life, because he spent a semester on sabbatical at Starr King the spring after I'd left PSR - so there was a personal connection. And every once in a while, I'd catch a whiff of a UU blogosphere conversation (like Beauty Tips for Minsters, and a much more recent one about Christian practices among UUs.) Interestingly enough, it was that most recent one that sent me back to reading some UU blogs, and I've added a bunch back to my "religion" tab on Netvibes (how I read RSS feeds.) I find that I like the things I'm reading and the conversations people are having - especially the UU Christan folks. The kinds of questions and discussion seem refreshing and interesting to me. After I left seminary, and in a space of real struggle with where I sat in terms of Christianity, I wrote a piece a while back (late last year) called "Sacrifice":
I realize that I must sacrifice my desire to sit within Christianity, or any religious tradition – I must sacrifice that impulse, that drive, to find myself at home within some given structure or institution. I must sacrifice a comfort and familiarity of a known, an understood. I must sacrifice this all, in order to really be able to fully embrace the God I know. God is so much bigger than one faith tradition.
Cough. Sputter. Er. Sounds a bit like a UU doesn't it? We'll see.
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