2008 Election Tidbits

  • Ron Paul is a Republican candidate I almost can support. Almost, but, utlimately, not. He's right on so many issues, like getting out of the empire business entirely, and on limiting the government's ability to spy on us. But he's anti-choice, seems like he wants to eliminate the social safety net, and has some other stands that I have a hard time with. There is so much to like ... and so much to dislike. Sigh.
  • Pat Robertson endorsed Rudi Guliani. Huh? One of the prime spokespeople for the radical right is endorsing the cross-dressing pro-choice, pro-gay rights ex-mayor of New York? Triple huh?
  • Who the ^*&^ is Duncan Hunter? Doesn't really matter, I'm not voting for him. But the way he talks about the blogosphere sounds like he's never actually been here.
  • John Edwards has a great comeback to the haircut thing.
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I'm trying to figure out Ron Paul. I know nothing about him except that people who like him are really vocal about it and they're all over You Tube digging out every appalling public appearance Guiliani has made over the years.

Well, I can't quite figure him out either. He's basically a libertarian, with rather unfortunate ultra-conservative qualities (like he is rabidly anti-choice, and at least in his past, made some very racist statements.)

But the libertarian in him thinks that the US needs to stop being the worlds police, and he wants to shrink the US government. Truth be told, in the US's current incarnation, a smaller government sounds like a good thing. And one that will get us out of this idiotic empire thing is even better.

I can see how people like him - he is fairly personable. And he talks about things like eliminating income tax. I can imagine that is something a lot of people think is a good idea (I personally don't, although the way my tax dollars are being spent, now, maybe it is a good idea not to give government too much money.)

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