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It always takes me a bit to digest new Web 2.0 news, so I'm just now blogging about last week's news that Facebook launched a new ad platform. The platform contains two parts, which I'll talk about individually. It's an interesting time, and there is a good question - is this something nonprofits should jump on? The first part of the package is Facebook Fan Pages. A company (or organization, or individual) can set up a public page (so it does not require a Facebook account to see it). Individuals can become "fans" of that product or organization. That shows up in user's news feeds, and in their profile. That, of course, can spread virally. If a friend of mine becomes a fan of an organization or company I happen to like, I might then become fans of them as well. One of the big beginning issues was that if a fan page was public, and it can have URLs, then that must be great for SEO, right? Facebook pages have huge page rank. Well, no link love from Facebook - apparently, those links have the dreaded "rel=nofollow" qualifier. But is it still worth it for nonprofits to have a fan page? Many already have Causes set up. Jeremiah Owyang, who's blog I read occasionally, has a good point: figure out what your strategy is, first! The second part of Facebook's advertising platform is likely not going to be used by nonprofits, for the most part, but is important to consider if Facebook is a part of your constitiuent-building or fundraising strategy. Social Ads are sponsored advertisements that are linked to users profile data, social graph, and activities. Ads can be targeted by profile data. Also, if a friend agrees,  their activities around a particular product (like, say, a movie rental) will show up on their news feeds. Of course, there are huge privacy issues, here, and one law professor thinks the ads are illegal. What does this mean for nonprofits? Well, it depends. Will this advertising platform alienate users? And, more importantly, will nonprofit messages get lost in the stream of news feed posts about Joe being a fan of Apple, and Jane renting a four star movie from Blockbuster?


[...] Fred wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptIt always takes me a bit to digest new Web 2.0 news, so I’m just now blogging about last week’s news that Facebook launched a new ad platform. The platform contains two parts, which I’ll talk about individually. It’s an interesting time … [...]


Thanks for this roundup! The privacy issues are a concern, but the bigger issue is answering the strategy questions first - that Owyang lays out. Is Facebook the right network for you.

And, if Facebook offered in-kind donations of ads - similar to Google, I'm sure that nonprofits would flock to it.

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