Real Live Preacher Takes on Hell

Real Live Preacher is a blog by a real Baptist minister. I've been reading it pretty consistently since I discovered it quite a number of years ago (pre-seminary).  He even used to have a chat room I would visit on occasion. That's where I met Rev. Sean, a UU Minister (and on the board of Starr King) whose blog, Ministrare, I also read pretty consistently. Anyway, so RLP (or Gordon Atkinson, his real name) is very brave, and quite interesting, too. He has taken on issues of gay marriage, his battle with depression, and a broad range of issues. He has now decided to take on the question of whether or not the Bible really says that non-Christians are going to hell.
THE CHALLENGE: Okay, so here's the deal: if you believe in hell, I want you to help us understand why. I invite anyone who believes that non-Christians are going to an eternal hell to make your case. We’re going to play by your rules too. Bible arguments only. Don’t explain why you think there should be a hell. Don’t tell us that your preacher told you there is a hell. Show us in the scriptures you say you love so dearly. Because if you’re talking about hell, you better damn well be able to open your holy book and show us why. And if you can’t...well, maybe you shouldn’t be talking so much.
You really should go read the whole post. It's great. What I think is great about this is unlike the general progressive/liberal Christian strategy, which basically (for good reason) questions the whole premise of the Bible being the literal truth, thus allowing us to basically throw out things we don't like, RLP is asking people who believe in hell to play by their own rules - that is, prove it using scripture. I can't wait to hear the results.
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