Big Sky, and The End of Food

I am now west of the Mississippi, in a small town called Windom, Minnesota. One of the things that happened between Indiana and Minnesota is that the landscape changed dramatically. The landscape in eastern Indiana is flatter, and with some fewer trees than the landscape of New York state and New England, but it doesn't really have the big sky. But a few miles over the Mississippi, past the "Driftless Area" (thanks to Gabe Ormsby for that info in response to my twitter request for information on the hills there) the land gets really flat, and the sky gets big. Ironically, (or not, I guess) I spent most of today, as I was driving by farm after farm in Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota, listening to the audiobook "The End of Food." It's a depressing listen, although it's all really good to know and understand. And, since I am watching TV for Gustav information, I have gotten to see advertisements for food I've never seen, and after hearing the book, it's hard to look at them and think them innocuous. Anyway, I like driving in Big Sky country, and I've got a whole lot of it to go, so that's a good thing. And I also have several more depressing nonfiction audiobooks, but I did also get Stephen Colbert's "I am America and So Can You" which I'm looking forward to listening to.
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Seen any jackalopes yet? I'll look forward to seeing pix of your trip on Flickr. I haven't seen the Badlands or the Black Hills myself in a long, long time.

Nope, no Jackalopes. And, I have to admit to both missing Wall Drug (I took a detour down to the Pine Ridge reservation) and having taken a very few pictures. I did take a couple in the Badlands, and a few today driving through the mountains of eastern Wyoming.

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