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As I said a while back, I'm writing a book about nonprofit technology. It will be titled (this is no surprise) "Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology". Having been at the #12NTC (Nonprofit Technology Conference) really got me excited about the book. I met people who I would like to talk to about the book, and I got some good ideas about what I might want to delve into. I'm 10,000 words into the book already, although I have a lot of research to do. I'll be filling you all in on more details as it develops, but below is a tentative outline (lots of things haven't been fleshed out yet.) Comments and questions are welcome!

  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction
  • Background and Philosophy of Nonprofit Technology
    • Definitions
    • Brief History of Nptech and current status of the field
    • Should Nonprofits be like businesses?
    • What is technology for, anyway?
    • The Raw Materials
      • Hardware
      • Software
      • Bandwidth
      • Services
    • Technology for change?
  • Harware, Software, and Cloud in the nonprofit sector
    • From servers to phones
    • From word processors to cloud CRM
    • Social Networks
  • Strategic Planning
    • Planning for infrastructure
    • Planning for software/internet projects
    • Planning for communications and social networks
    • "Best Practices"
      • How to define them, and where to find them
      • Sector-wide and organizational best practices
  • Vendor/Nonprofit Relationships
    • Technology needs of nonprofit organizations
    • Types of support systems
      • Internal
      • Individual Consultants
      • Cooperatives
      • For Profit Companies
      • Publicly Traded for-profit companies
    • Corporate Philanthropy in Nonprofit technology
    • Philosophy and Ethics of vendor/nonprofit relationships
      • The Ethics of Client/Consultant relationships
      • The tyranny of the hourly rate
    • Nonprofits that support other Nonprofits
      • The NTAP
      • Other kinds of nonprofit technology focused nonprofits
      • The role of foundations
  • Open Source Software in the nonprofit sector
    • Status of the field: Winners and Losers
    • Making decisions around open source software
    • Looking forward
  • OpenAPIs/Open Data/Open Social
  • Are nonprofit data standards an oxymoron?
  • Software Development and the Nonprofit sector
  • Privacy and Security in the networked age
    • Why privacy matters for nonprofits
    • The Identity conversation
    • Security and the nonprofit organization
    • Why net neutrality matters
  • Conclusion


Mucho mazel!  I'm really looking forward to this book, Michelle!Hugs from Deborah

I'm looking forward to hearing more about, learning from, and talking about your book! If it's finished in time, submit a 2013 session proposal based on it! Also, I can't wait to hear more about the nonprofits supporting other nonprofits. When I explain that I work for a nonprofit (NTEN) dedicated to helping other nonprofits, sometimes my friends and family give me a funny face and don't quite get it. Reading more about the power of nonprofits as a group always gives me ammunition to explain and convience outsiders.

Can't wait to read this. I'd be happy to be an early reader for feedback and such if you are looking for volunteers. 

First, thank you for the Casitian stories. I just finished the three of them only to discover a fourth. It was interesting how I found you. I am treasurer for the Transgender American Veterans Association. I have opened an office in the virtual world of Second Life.I found the LGBT community and hung around some of the folks from all over the world. I was chatting about writing and reading with a gentleman from France who teaches English Literature. He turned me on to you.I thoroughly enjoy your writing. I put it in a class with my favorite author, Robert Heinlein.I'm also looking forward to your book on technology and nonprofits. I'm involved with several including recently becoming co-chair of the Second Pride Foundation, based solely in Second Life. My committee has a member from Virginia, I'm from Ohio, and one from Germany.Most of my career has been as a technical writer/editor. If you would like me to look over stuff, it would be a privilege.I look forward to reading more of your work.Regards

Hi Michelle -I caught your IndieGoGo push through Twitter the other day. Your book sounds great! My business partner, Glen Kendell, and I head up Beyond Nines. We focus on hosting and services for nonprofits that use Blackbaud software.We are very interested in talking with you more about the book and our perspective on nonprofit technology. We also have built a large network with other nonprofit consultants who could round out some of that perspective and connect you with clients.Please get in touch if this is something that sounds appealng!

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