NTAP Report from NTEN

There hasn't been much fanfare about this, but NTEN released a report recently, called "Nonprofit Technology Assistance Providers Sector Reach." You can read it here

It is definitely an interesting study. The problem is, glaringly missing are the open source focused and vendor-neutral NTAPs, such as Aspiration, the Progressive Technology Project, and others. The only vendor-neutral NTAP included was Idealware.

Research like this is important to our sector. but to so blatantly leave out such important NTAP players in the sector leaves the impression that this was by design. These are active, vibrant organizations that have a great influence on the progress of technology in nonprofits, and to leave them out of a study like this means that the study isn't authoritative, and doesn't actually measure the true reach of NTAPs in the sector. 

FYI, the study was funded by Microsoft. Things that make you go hmmm.....

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