Living in Community

 A couple of weeks ago, I moved. I had been living in an apartment in Oakland for about a year, and was getting ready to think about moving back into a community house setting - my definite preference for how to live. I wasn't sure at all where that was going to be. But ... it turned out that a house I'd known about, and had been thinking about a little (but I thought the timing wasn't right) had a room open still. So, I checked it out... and here I sit.
I'm happy - it's a great group of people, an intentional community of sorts, 6 of us living in West Oakland, being spiritually present to each other and ourselves, and trying to figure out how to do good in the world. We have weekly house meetings, and weekly house dinners, alternating weeks we open the dinners up to other folks we know. Some of us sit together in meditation on weekdays (at very early hours of the morning...)
I'll be blogging more about it as it develops - it's still quite new. 

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