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The inherent violence of wealth

This is a belated, and long-percolated response to a blog post by my friend Ryan Dowell Baum. I am going to focus my discussion on one particular point that Ryan makes in his post:

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Why all (major) operating systems suck

I've been a user of a ton of operating systems over time. In the past ten years, I have been an everyday user of the big three, Windows, Mac OS, and Linux, for long stretches of time. I switched from Apple to Windows/Linux last year, and I've largely been OK with it, but I've complained enough about all three that I realized that they all suck. Of course, they suck for completely different reasons, which is part of the frustration. And each have places where they shine. Why can't there be a nice combination of all three?
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Real Social CRM

So I do have social media ennui, but I am also somewhat of a data geek, and cool ways of moving social media data into one's nonprofit data workflow is pretty important in my most humble opinion. This post on Social CRM is not going to contain one buzz phrase. It's going to talk about one particular, interesting example of how to move social media data into a real live CRM -the one you might even be using now - Salesforce. This example uses an app from the Salesforce AppExchange, called "Salesforce for Facebook and Twitter." To make things just a tad confusing, this is also called "Salesforce for Social Media" and "Salesforce for Twitter." There are likely many more options, but this is one I've seen that is pretty cool, although it has its weak spots. It definitely is geared more toward the "Service Cloud" than the "Sales Cloud." You can set up multiple twitter and facebook accounts, and each facebook account can have access to multiple pages. It's all done via OAuth, which is cool. Once you set up the accounts, you can then grab conversations: You can filter and sort, just like records in any other SF object. You can choose whether or not to send Twitter or Facebook identities to Leads, Contacts, or Person Accounts. You can choose to create cases from tweets or FB posts as well. You can tweet or post to facebook directly from Salesforce: And it works: You can schedule tweets and facebook posts as well. There is a lot more you can do - it's a pretty cool tool. The one thing I can't seem to find - and I don't know whether this is in development, or they won't ever do it - is import your social graph into salesforce - your facebook fans or your twitter followers. I'm not sure why this is, exactly. It seems a big gap to me. But then, it is the folks who engage with you who you definitely want to make sure to keep track of. Anyway, if you are a user of either Salesforce, the Nonprofit Starter Pack, or Convio Common Ground, this is definitely a tool to know about.
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