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Social Media ennui

I have a confession to make. I have social media ennui. I'm tired of reading and hearing about about social media and nonprofits, and I'm annoyed that social media is taking up so much of the air space in the #nptech world. As you know, I'm a bit of a technology curmudgeon, but I'm far from a luddite - I'm an early adopter, for the most part. I'm a fairly active user of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and some other social networking sites, and have been for years now.
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My Tools: Writing

I'm mostly doing this last post on my tools to pimp Scrivener. I was a loyal Scrivener user on my Mac for years, and then when I moved to Windows last year, I mourned my loss terribly. But then! Then someone started to work on Scrivener for Windows and Linux. Almost enough to make a grown woman cry. I do just about all of my novel writing on Scrivener. It's great for outlining, for research, for writing scenes, etc.
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On being a Contemplative

I've spent a lot of time in my life trying to fit myself into varied spiritual boxes. I was a Presbyterian, then I was a Nazarne, then I was a humanist, then I was a Pagan, then a Buddhist, then a UU, and lastly a progressive Christian. Lately, I have come to realize that there are aspects of all of these identities in my spiritual and religious life at the moment,  but none of them can singularly hold me.

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Dispatch from Intentional Community

In my adult life, I've lived with others in community longer than I've lived alone. It suits me, and I hope to be able to live in intentional community for the rest of my life.

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Tools I use: Personal Web Presence

I've had a web presence of some sort since way back when most personal URLs looked something like: In 2002 or so, I ditched HTML for a series of CMS systems for my personal stuff. I started out using the CMS I wrote in Perl, called XINA. (Those were the days.)  Anyway, that was then, and this is now. Here's what I use. Software:
  • WordPress - you already know it and love it. I use it for this blog, only.
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Why I decided to Self-Publish

Self-publishing books used to have a bad reputation. That has changed a little bit over the past couple of years, but there definitely is the sense that people who get published "for real" must be better writers, and certainly have more cred. I decided to self-publish my novels for a number of reasons, after long consideration and contemplation. These reasons are both philosophical as well as deeply personal.

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My Tools: Development

Since I am a web developer, the core of my development workflow is, for sure, a browser. But not just one browser, or any browser. Several. Chrome has become my everyday browser, although Firefox is making its way back into my heart, now that Firefox 4 is so lean and zippy. But I am very often in both. I use Opera on occasion, and, of course, I use IE only when I absolutely have to (and it generally means rebooting into Windows, which I do less and less these days.) My other core tool is a console window. In Linux, I use the generic version. For Windows, I use SecureCRT, which is well worth the $ since putty is not up to the task (I know, it's open source, which is great. But it just doesn't cut it if you need to use it pretty much all day every day with multiple servers.) My text editor of choice is Emacs. Yes. Emacs. For Windows, I love Notepad++, a sweet open source text editor. I like Eclipse as an IDE, its awesome. I think it's better than the proprietary Komodo, but that's just me, I'm sure people beg to differ. Other core tools are git for version control and github for code sharing. I haven't found a GUI git client I like, so I just use the command line. IRC and Pastebin rock my world for getting help in troubleshooting problems, and IRC is great just for chilling with other developers.  
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Open Source vs. Proprietary: Web Server Software

By Web Server Software, I mean the software used to serve websites/pages. This includes databases, operating systems and other software that is involved in that process. On the proprietary side, there are two options. Proprietary Unix, and Microsoft Windows, and associated Microsoft Software. The current version of MS Server in use is Server 2008.
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