Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

Why Crowdfund this book?

There are a number of ways that organizations in the nonprofit technology field fund writing projects. Some are internal to an organization, others are funded by grants from foundations, and some are funded by vendor sponsorships.

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Book Excerpt #2: Very Drafty Piece of the Introduction

I promised a few excerpts during the indiegogo campaign, and here is another one - a part of the Introduction.

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Book Excerpt #1

I'll be posting a series of short excerpts of what I've already written of Zen and the Art of Nonprofit TechnologyI hope this will whet your appetite for more. Please consider supporting me to get this book written.

This is a part of the chapter "Strategic Planning for Software and Internet Projects". The section is entitled "CRM and the Myth of Uniqueness."

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NTAP Report from NTEN

There hasn't been much fanfare about this, but NTEN released a report recently, called "Nonprofit Technology Assistance Providers Sector Reach." You can read it here

It is definitely an interesting study. The problem is, glaringly missing are the open source focused and vendor-neutral NTAPs, such as Aspiration, the Progressive Technology Project, and others. The only vendor-neutral NTAP included was Idealware.

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More about that book

As I said a while back, I'm writing a book about nonprofit technology. It will be titled (this is no surprise) "Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology". Having been at the #12NTC (Nonprofit Technology Conference) really got me excited about the book. I met people who I would like to talk to about the book, and I got some good ideas about what I might want to delve into. I'm 10,000 words into the book already, although I have a lot of research to do.

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Example Projects and Portfolio

Here are some example projects of my work over the years. (Roles when in a team: PM=Project Management, SA=Systems Administration, IA=Information Architecture, DD=Drupal Development, DB=Database Management, Dev=Code development)

2013 (Mostly with DevCollaborative):

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Zen and the Art of Getting Your Website Done

I've had my sleeves rolled up since the mid 90's building websites and web-based databases. It's in my blood. I've used most back-end web technologies invented at least once, and I've dived deeply into a number of them over the years. Right now, my focus is on Drupal and websites, and setting up and administering the LAMP/R stack.

I work with the DevCollaborative, and also work on my own. I also do small scale projects for Buddhist organizations on Dana basis.

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Interesting new twist on Android/iPhone divide

I'm not at all an Instagram user. Since I am much more language-driven than image-driven, it's just not something I've used. But I came across this article about the really weird response of iPhone Instagram users to the reality that they released an Android version.

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A Book!

As I said, I am done. Blogging, that is. But I’m a writer, and the writer in me decided that “Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology” is going to be a book. I’ll leave you just with that little tidbit. In April (after my lenten social media fast), and after I relaunch my personal site (I’m moving all of the tech stuff there, and this URL will have stuff for the book,) I’ll fill everyone in with a lot more details. I’m actually really excited about this project, and have begun to line up folks for interviews, and do research, and all sorts of stuff.

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The. End. (for now)

I've been thinking about the purpose of this blog in my life for the last few months. I started blogging specifically on technology just over 6 years ago, took about a year hiatus in 2005-2006, and have been writing consistently here ever since. But the time has come for me to stop. Mostly, it's because I've run out of things to say. On one hand, the technology issues I cover are well covered elsewhere. There are some amazingly good blogs out there focused on the use of Drupal and other open source tools.
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