Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

Small Notes

Since I'm travelling, I haven't had much time to think in depth about much of anything. However, in my snippets of time reading my blogroll, there are a few technology snippets that I've come across that are interesting.

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No, really? A wifi hotspot on a bus??

I just found this very cool tool, called MacStumbler.  It's a wifi network sniffer. It will tell you what networks are around, and whether they are open or not, and what's their strength. It's useful to troubleshoot home hotspots, and find ones out in the world.

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Social Source, Open Source, Socialism

David Geilhufe has a new post on his blog, entitled "Social Source Socialist?" It raises an important issue, and I've been wanting to talk a bit about the ways in which open source software in the nonprofit space is related to our economic system. This is pretty airy-fairy pie-in-the-sky stuff, but why have a blog if I can't do that?

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Intellectual Property, Part III

First off, this post is in honor of the EFF Blogathon. Read all about it. I'm hoping that by writing this series, people who haven't been aware of these issues become more aware, and understand the stakes involved.

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The Problem that Won't Go Away

I hate spam. I always have. But lately, I don't have to deal with much, which is true for most people. Between server-side bayesian filtering, and client-side filtering, only two or three spam messages gets into my actual inbox everyday. Very nice.

But now, it appears that spam is making it's horrible way to the web. The first I heard of this was the blogs (on blogger, mostly) designed only to be created to manipulate search engines.

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What is the bleeding edge doing?

As I've stepped out of the direct role of being a nonprofit technology consultant, I've realized that it is giving me a chance to see things from a bit of a different perspective. I've been faithfully following a number of recent discussions on nonprofit blogging, social bookmarkingnew and exciting tools, and the like.

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On that Mac/Windows subject...

This is incredibly cool. I don't know if it's true, but I like it. A lot. If true: get an intel Mac, run Mac software, Windows software and UNIX software (via X windows) too. Wowie Zowie! Not only a geeks dream, but a very nice solution to all sorts of problems.

Via digg.

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A "rational response"?

Today, in the New York Times, there is an article (reg. required), that talks about how people are throwing away their old PCs, in an effort to rid themselves of spyware, viruses and the like. "throwing out a computer 'is a rational response,'said Lee Rainie, director of the Pew Internet and American Life Project..."

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H2O Playlist

This is a very cool tool, discovered via my buddy Deborah Finn.

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Another reason to hate Microsoft

Why on earth did they pick the most obnoxious, polluting, gas guzzling, view obstructing vehicle possible to promote their new version of Windows Automotive? I guess it's in character.

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